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The Jane Carnegie Oriental Art Library

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1968 Evans, Tom; Evans, Mary Anne 
Shunga: The art of love in Japan

1587 Fairbank, John King; Reischauer, Edwin Oldfather; Craig, Albert Morton 
East Asia: The modern transformation

3635 Fairbank, Wilma 
Adventures in retrieval: Han murals and Shang bronze molds

2862 Falk, Toby; Digby, Simon; Goedhuis, Michael 
Paintings from Mughal India

2326 Fall, Frieda Kay 
Art objects: Their care and preservation

544 Fan, Ceng 
Collection of Fan Ceng's paintings

3199 Fang, Chao-ling 
Painting and calligraphy

3198 Fang, Chao-ling 
World beyond all books, paintings and calligraphy

3236 Far East Fine Arts, Inc 
Chinese paintings by four masters of the mid-Ch'ing Dynasty

3722 Far Eastern Ceramic Group 
Far Eastern ceramic bulletin


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