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The Jane Carnegie Oriental Art Library

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2869 Pinder-Wilson, Ralph H 
Paintings from the Muslim courts of India

2616 Pins, Jacob 
Japanese pillar print, The: Hashira-e

2457 Plumer, James Marshall; Plumer, Caroline I (ed) 
Temmoku: A study of the ware of Chien

2761 Polo, Marco; Frampton, John (trans); Penzer, Norman Mosley (ed) 
Most noble and famous travels of Marco Polo, The

1175 Pope, John Alexander 
Chinese porcelains from the Ardebil Shrine

3657 Pope, John Alexander 
Fourteenth-century blue-and-white 2nd edition

3234 Pope, John Alexander 
History of the history of Ming porcelain, The

510 Pope, John Alexander; Gettens, Rutherford John; Cahill, James; Barnard, Noel 
Freer Chinese bronzes, The: volume I, Catalogue

2678 Pratt, John Thomas 
China and Britain

930 Priest, Alan 
Aspects of Chinese painting


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