The Jane Carnegie Oriental Art Library
Explanation of Catalogue
  • The Internet Catalogue is extracted from the Annotated Database. Consideration of the unique nature of each book has led to the inclusion of single entries for parts of many multi-volume works as well as a group entry.
  • Each book, or each part of a multi-volume work, or the group entry for the work is assigned an individual identification number (ID), displayed in red.
  • The group entry is listed before its individual parts
  • Group entries for periodicals indicate the number of issues held and, in some cases are subdivided to show the periods in which the collection has particular strengths.
  • Group entries for auction catalogues appear under the names of the auction house, subdivided by the names used in their various locations - London, New York, Hong Kong, et al.
  • There are cross references for an author's alternate name and also to certain titles. No ID appears for cross references.
  • Works in non-Roman scripts have been transliterated. Those in Chinese have been transliterated using either the Wade-Giles or pinyin methods. Diacritics are yet to be added.
  • Elements of an entry:
    • Identification Number (ID)
    • Listed alphabetically, under the first author, editor, or institution.
    • The title (in italics)
    • Publication details: place, publisher, date
    • Series: name and number (in brackets)
    • Physical description:
      - pagination,
      - illustrations (only numbered when the plates are separate to the text),
      - size (nearest cm),
      - binding,
      - condition (additional information may be given in the note)
    • Language (excludes English and its parallel texts)
    • Limited edition, sometimes numbered (in red).
    • The note, giving further information including original edition if required.

  • All works are in the original edition and are in good condition, unless indicated.

Use of Website
  • To browse:
    To examine the alphabetical Catalogue, select Browse Catalogue. This will give limited information for each title:
    ID, author, title and date.

    To obtain the full entry for each title click on the ID in the browse list (in red on left of entry). When finished with the full entry, click Go to next full entry to obtain the next full entry, or Return to Browse.

  • To search:
    To find a particular work or works by an author, title, series title or keyword select Search Catalogue.
    To find works by subject or country select Subject/Country Lists.
    The selected search title, or list of titles, provides the same information as the browse catalogue.

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